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Camping Tables that fit in a saddlebag

SMT table1 SMT camp table
SMT Table packed SMT table2

This neat little table came about after many years of trying to find a makeshift work surfaces while on the road. Saddlebags on the ground, the top of the gas tank, a random piece of lumber, a flatish rock, the saddle and more have all served as a work area at one time or another. Until I hit upon the idea for this table. After about 5 redesigns and as many years I have perfected it. The SMT table packs down small, is light weight and sturdy. It's easy to set up and put away, it looks good, it's very useful and it keeps things off the ground and out of the dirt.

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Camping Stoves that cook without fuel

Stove box
Vital Stove

Stove sack
Carry Sack with pocket for battery pack

This stove is the newest addition to my kit. It solves the problem of how to carry fule for the cook stove. And the answer is there is no need to anymore, While the headline is a bit misleading, you do need fuel but instead of something in a bottle you just gather a bunch of twigs and start cooking. The seceret is the forced air from the small fan built into the bottom of the stove. You may have seen these on the web somewhere but this is the only place that includes a stuff sack with the stove. that's a good thing because while not messing with fuel bottles is great the one down side to this stove is some fuels can be sooty and you need a sack to pack the stove in so it does not make a mess of your saddlebag. This stove packs smaller than my old duel fuel stove and there's no more siphoning fule from the gas tank. it's powered by 2AA batteries that last a very long time and spare battereis are easy to carry compaired to a fuel bottle. It will boil my water for coffe in the same time as my old stove and does a great job on bacon and eggs too. You can buy one at the how to "buy button" at the top of the page.

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