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Hello and welcome to Southeast Motorcycle Touring. My name is John Binns and I intend for this wed page to be a collection of resources related to motorcycle touring. At this stage I'm not sure exactly where it is headed but I am looking forward to it being a interesting and hopefully useful pursuit. Right now it is a collection of thoughts and pictures that I have recorded during my travels. And some links to other websites that I have found either useful, interesting, or fun. I do hope you find something here to keep you interested and please keeping checking back as I find more and better things to do with this space, who knows what the future will bring.

Thank you for visiting, John

~~ Southeast Motorcycle Touring ~~

  • Here is my 2005 trip to the Isle Of Man TT
  • Here are some of my travel blogs.
  • Here is my impression of motorcycling in England with my wife.
  • Here is my impression of cool bikes I have known
  • Here is the Gallery.

~~ Links to other Touring related sites ~~

  • This is a Link to Bill Roughton's tour company, (Bike Tours UK) one of my fave sites.
  • This is a Link to Kermit chair company (best chair you can carry on your motorcycle)
  • This is a Link to the Poverty Riders site.
  • This is a Link to Iron Horse campground.
  • This is a Link to, if you had your pic taken on the dragon you'll find it here.
  • This is a Link to TWO campground.
  • This is a Link to Blue Ridge Motorcycle campground
  • This is a Link to Jupiter's Travels.
  • This is a Link to Barnsley Motor Werks, BMW Airhead and Britbike shop in Western Georgia. operated by world travlers
  • This is a Link to Horizions Unlimited, for you world travelers.
  • This is a Link to the BBC, a good source of news

~~ My favorite shots ~~

Park Av Castletown IOM
Sidecar on the TT course Sidecar

These shots where taken on the Isle of Man in 2010 during our tour to the TT that year.

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